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We help Fairfield CT businesses with high-end website and digital marketing services.

Since Designsite was founded here in Fairfield in 1999, we've worked with many local businesses, creating websites and digital marketing strategies that uniquely reflect their businesses and help them achieve their sales and marketing goals. Following are services we offer to our clients:


Branding is the expression of a company’s vision and intent. It’s our job to express your vision and intent in a pure, efficient form. That’s what logos, websites, apps, social media and print are all about – they’re visual cues that invoke bigger thoughts. The distill and express your company’s values. Our branding expertise can help you articulate your goals and character consistently, across all media.


Design is a the blueprint for a company's marketing communications. Good design enhances how you communicate with your audience. It will make a positive first impression and will form initial opinions in a matter of seconds. Aesthetically pleasing, consistent design will serve to best communicate your brand, products and services, across all media and platforms.


As more consumers make decisions based on their online experience, the appearance, functionality and accessibility of your website is more important than ever, especially if you're in a competitive market. It's essential that your website reflect your products and services and works across all computers and mobile devices, ensuing a positive user experience. We design handcrafted websites that look beautiful with search engine optimization that produce high results in Google and other search engines. 

Digital Marketing

Social media is the conduit that connects you directly to your audience, creating a dialog that provides valuable insights to your marketing objectives. We can help you to pinpoint who your audience is with deep analytics, greatly increasing conversion rates and driving potential customers to your website.

Fairfield Clients:

Following are a few recent projects we've created for Fairfield businesses that have met with great success. We're sure we can help you create a memorable result for your next project! Please submit the form below and we'll respond promptly.

Designsite Websites

Parish Conservatories

Parish Conservatories represents an exquisitely talented group of both European and U.S. designers and craftsmen dedicated to complementing luxury homes with the finest conservatories. Designsite was engaged to design a new website, promotional brochure, advertising and marketing communications, as well as to provide social media strategies.


PT+ Physical Therapy

PT+ Physical Therapy is a fast-growing physical therapy practice in Connecticut with offices in Norwalk and Fairfield CT. In advance of their new Fairfield Sportsplex office opening, Designsite was enlisted to create awareness  in Fairfield and surrounding communities, designing a new brand identity, website, provide social media strategies and marketing communications. 


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