Designing Custom WordPress Websites

View a slideshow above of some of our WordPress websites.

WordPress has quickly become the standard for building websites for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 giants.

The benefits of a WordPress website are many: it's easy to update and requires little programming skill; plug-ins allow you to extend functionality, including social media sharing, search capabilities, SEO, slideshows and a whole lot more. In addition, WordPress websites are Google friendly because they're updated more frequently. As a result, they're listed higher on Google and other search engines.

While it's easy enough for anyone to buy a theme and create a website in short order, the problem is that many WordPress websites look alike – which can turn out to be a negative when the whole idea of marketing yourself is to present a unique brand identity to your audience.

We offer our clients the best of both worlds: we design WordPress themes from the ground-up, ensuring our clients' websites reflect their brand, their products and services. Our design and programming capabilities enable our clients to break through the clutter and reach their target audience with memorable results. We also make sure our websites looks great everywhere, so whether they're viewed on a large monitor, an iPad, or any smartphone, they'll look perfect.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Wordpress design services at or 203.372.2912.