Do You Have Excellent Social Skills?

Designsite Social Media Marketing Fairfield CT

This morning I'm a guest speaker at the Fairfield Small Business Group where I'll be talking about Social Media Marketing to a group of business owners.  While everyone knows at least something about social media – and it seems everyone is at least on Facebook these days – most people don't understand the powerful capabilities social media offers small businesses.
 – Michael DeMartin

Social media allows you to reach out to potential customers without spending large amounts of money on advertising while staying in touch with current customers. Having a presence on a popular social network suggests to people that your business is on the cutting edge or at least is able to keep up with the changing times. Using social networking to promote your business has many advantages but also requires some dedication and work on your part.

For a more detailed look into social media and how it can help grow your small business, please download the following PDF, which also lists specific benefits for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 

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