Drive More Traffic to Your Website with Google+

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Creating a Google+ account is easy. Once up and running, your company can experience dramatically higher search results when people are searching for your products and services.

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There's the old expression "if you build it, they will come" but unfortunately this isn't the case for websites. As web designers, it's always our goal to design high-end websites that accurately reflect our client's business and help them to reach a wider audience. Our job isn't done, however, until we apply the necessary work that goes into ensuring high rankings in Google. We've found that perhaps the biggest component in achieving this is by taking advantage of Google+.

While it seems everyone has a Facebook and Twitter presence, it's actually more important to have a Google+ account if you want to maximize your business in Google search rankings. Google+ is the fastest growing social network: 400 plus million users and growing. One of the reasons why Google+ is so important is because Google (of course!) will favor their own social network and feature your business in the process.

Once you create a Google+ account, you'll need to fill out your page with company details, banner graphic and photos. Then, you'll need to start making posts (similar to Facebook) and adding links from your website's blog.

Amazingly, Google search results will show up immediately by typing in keywords from your posts and blogs. An added benefit is that your company shows up on the right side of the results page, displaying your company information, photos, blog links and contact information. As an example, click here to see what happens when "designsite" is typed in Google.

Speaking from experience, taking advantage of Google+ has proved to be very beneficial to Designsite – our website traffic has increased measurably and has resulted in new work. 

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