What is Flat Design and Why Does it Matter?

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Bright, bold colors are characteristic of flat design, which typically work well against both light and dark backgrounds, creating contrast and a more visually appealing user experience.

With Apple's release next week of iOS 7, they've now joined Google and Microsoft in embracing the flat design movement – fast becoming popular with designers, who welcome a simplified user experience over the more busy, skeumorphic designs, dating back to the 1980s.

Skeumorphic design mean elements such as icons and buttons are designed to look just like the real-life analogues they're named after. But as computers and mobile devices have become ubiquitous and people more tech-savvy, the visual cues to understand the function of an icon or button is no longer needed.

Flat design eschews the overuse of gradients, patterns, shadows, glossy effects and textures and improves the user experience by simplifying elements and placing a higher emphasis on content while eliminating distractions from these elements. This is a welcome trend for professional designers who prefer a more minimalistic approach to design, using flat bolder and brighter colors, ensuring a more consistent and satisfying user experience across all platforms. 

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