Our Top 5 Reasons for Using Squarespace to Design Beautiful and Modern Websites



We’ve been using Squarespace to design and build websites for about ten years now. We became friendly with founder Anthony Casalena, early on, who loved our work and featured many of our websites as a showcase for their platform. Soon after we became an original Squarespace Specialist, the first in Connecticut. We loved the platform because it enabled us to design beautiful and cost-effective websites for small to medium-sized businesses, without a lot of coding. Squarespace also made it easier for clients to easily update and maintain their own websites, saving them time and money.

Following are four recent Squarespace website designs – and what we think are the top 5 benefits for using Squarespace:

1. Modern Design

As experienced designers, we really appreciate the Squarespace design aesthetic. Just visiting their website, you’ll see the company’s design aesthetic. The award-winning templates Squarespace offers feature modern and mobile-optimized templates, ensuring your website will display perfectly on computers and all mobile devices. Content loads quickly on mobile with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the new standard from Google. But while the templates are outstanding to start with, we offer coding expertise that go beyond Squarespace’s built-in-tools, so we can provide truly unique user experiences that best reflect our clients’ brands.

2. Search Engine Optimization

There are great benefits for using Squarespace: websites are responsive, meaning they look perfect on all computers and mobile devices. This is critical for any business today, since Google is now demoting websites that aren’t mobile friendly, translating to poor search engine results for your company. Squarespace also offers superior search engine optimization capabilities, ensuring our websites include all known best practices, helping to rank high in search engine results. 

3. E-commerce

Squarespace also offers powerful commerce tools, enabling us to build online stores with hundreds of products with relative ease. We’ve worked on a number of e-commerce platforms, and have found Squarespace to be by far the best solution for our clients. Easy to set up, Squarespace offers an integrated, secure and safe shopping experience for visitors. Squarespace also now offers subscriptions, so you can set up recurring and limited subscriptions that best meet your customers’s needs. You can also give customers the extra incentive to buy with discounts, free shipping, and more.

4. Site Analytics

Built in to Squarespace’s beautiful admin area, are site analytics. Squarespace Analytics present site traffic, sales, popular content and more. You can follow the metrics that matter to you, from Page Views and unique visitors to top referrers and trend charts, so you can keep a pulse on your site even when you’re on the go, from your iPhone or Android device.

5. Customer Care

When our job is done and your website is live, we hand-off ownership to you, but don’t worry because we’re always here if there are any question. But Squarespace also offers outstanding 24/7 email support and typically respond to help requests in about an hour. But what we – and our clients like the best – is their Live Chat Support, which is offered from 3:00am to 8pm EST, so if you’ve got a question or a problem, you’ll have it solved in near real-time. Their Help Center also provides an extensive knowledge base, offering detailed help guides, videos and even workshops.

How Can We Help You?

Squarespace's all-in-one platform enables us to build and design beautiful and modern websites that give you everything you need to make your business website stand out. As an Official Squarespace Expert, we can help you take your business to the next level – beautifully and cost-effectively.


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