5 Strategies That Can Dramatically Improve Your Website's Performance

A great website is more than just a beautiful website – it’s the strategy behind it. Our priority is to always create websites that achieve our clients' strategic goals, while at the same time communicating what makes their brands unique, special and different. Following are strategies to help your website do more – and help to achieve your marketing goals.


1. Storytelling:

Every business has a unique story, so take advantage of yours. Tell your story in a highly compelling and relatable fashion with personalized messaging that will resonate with your visitors and making it more memorable. Use of well-written text, photography, graphics and video weaved into your story will give a true insight to your business and separate you from your competitors.

2. User Experience (UX):

Your website should be designed with your visitors in mind and organized in a way that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. It also takes into account your business goals and objectives. UX best practices promote improving the quality of your visitor’s interaction with and perceptions of your products and services. And, of course, your website should be mobile-friendly, ensuring it views properly on all devices.

3. Calls to Action (CTA):

A call to action is a button or link that you place on your website to drive prospective customers to become leads by filling out a form. These should be visually striking with copy that compels your visitors to click the offer. CTA’s should be brief and action-oriented, and while they should fit into the overall design, they should be prominent enough for your visitors to see. 

4. Analytics:

Knowing what’s working and what isn’t is key. A data-focused approach to your website will help keeptrack of important metrics, like how many people are visiting your website, which pages are most popular, and even how people discovered your website. Are they commenting on blog posts? Are they sharing something they read on social media? These are questions needed to help determine the success of your website.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

You can have a beautiful and effective website on all levels, but if your website isn’t optimized properly, it won’t be ranked in Google and other major search engines. Excellent organic search rankings highly include site descriptions, page titles, custom URLs, search engine-friendly formatting and SEO-friendly text. In addition, a built-in sitemap will help Google to crawl, understand, and ultimately rank the website. 

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