Working with Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds – A Career Highlight

We've been working with Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson for over 15 years now. Working with Brian has been a career highlight for us and he's been great to work with. Whether it's at his home working on promotional projects or seeing him on tour, Brian is always funny, smart, engaging and has a childlike quality about him that's really endearing.

Brian's self-acknowledged masterpiece, "Pet Sounds," was released on this day in 1966. Who'd have thought fifty-one years ago, this project would be so highly regarded among so many musicians and fans. It's a testament to Brian's thinking outside the box, and creating something so original and unique that all creative people can learn from.

Unique song structures, harmonies and instruments never-before used in rock music – along with truly great songs make his album "unbeatable" in the words of Paul McCartney.

More than fifty years later, Brian is in the middle of his wildly successful International Pet Sounds Anniversary tour that that continues to sell out venues everywhere. Could anybody have ever dreamed that as Brian approaches seventy-five years-old that this could ever happen? It's beyond words.

Thank you Brian for letting us into your world, getting to know you, and helping you to reach new generations of fans and musicians who love you and your work. We'll see you on the road!

Following is a link to a Podcast series we created with Vella Interactive for Capitol Records for the 40th Anniversary of Pet Sounds. We interviewed Brian, and fellow Beach Boys' Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston. This series quickly became the #1 Music Podcast in iTunes and Top 10 overall podcasts.

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