Connect to Your Audience: Bring Your Story to Life

Every business has its own and unique story – it’s what makes you different from everyone else. Stories educate, inspire and entertain us and that’s why brand storytelling can be such an effective way of connecting with your audience. 

Website storytelling is an extension of social media, where businesses learned by its very nature that you couldn’t simply talk to your audience, but rather engage them in a conversation. We’ve found that storytelling can also greatly improve the overall user experience, becoming an increasingly important component to the success of your marketing strategy. Following are some benefits of storytelling:

  • Puts a human face on data

  • Simplifies complex ideas

  • Better communication retention

  • Delivers greater meaning and value to visitors

  • Increases conversion rates

The best stories are simple, believable, emotional, real and can work for almost any audience. We’ve experienced great success with recent projects using a storytelling format for our clients. Concise messaging, delivering content that’s linear and expresses a clear narrative, and use of images and video for more compelling content can truly engage with your audience and deliver results – making your brand more memorable. 

An Example of Website Storytelling:

Our website design strategy for Diversified Electronics, a design and provider of state-of-the-art home technology, was to create an emotional connection with its audience. No products are featured – we're just setting a mood the audience can relate to:  a woman taking a moment out of her busy day, perhaps listening to some music on one of Diversified's home sound installations. The concise headline supports the visual. The updated website helped to distinguish Diversified from their competitors and resulted in a dramatic increase in sales leads. Click on the image below to view larger.

How can we help you tell your story?

Contact us today and we can talk about strategies that will help you better connect with your audience.

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