Meet the People Who'll Love Your Business on Facebook

Last week, we worked with a client to create a Facebook ad to reach a highly targeted audience that might be interested in their high-end architectural offerings. Considering Facebook has over a billion of monthly active users, we were able to precisely defined the audience by demographic, location, interests, behavior and connections.


The objective for this campaign was to drive traffic to the website, and specifically a page set up for visitors to view the company’s work and order a free brochure. Like other Facebook promotions we’ve performed, the analytics for this one were fascinating. We found that nearly 75% of people who clicked over to the website were women, with most respondents coming from California, New York, Michigan and Texas. 

Most visitors were between the ages of 45-64, followed by 55-64 and then 35-34. These numbers will prove helpful in subsequent campaigns, since we can refine the audience even further.

The most fascinating statistic was that 97% of people who clicked over did so on mobile devices (Android smartphone, Android tablet and iPhone in that order). It was kind of shocking that nearly everyone was on a mobile device when viewing the ad and clicking over to the website – especially considering the advanced age of the demographic. It shows that people of all ages are using mobile devices far more than desktops, at least using social media. This led us to look for statistics on mobile usage on Facebook and the numbers are eye-opening:

  • 1.442 billion mobile monthly active users

  • 934 million mobile daily active users

  • Percentage of Facebook video views that occur on mobile devices: 65%

  • Facebook’s percentage of all mobile social sharing: 60.3%

  • Average amount to time users in the U.S. spend on the Facebook mobile app monthly: 14 hours per month.

  • Percentage of Facebook advertising revenue that comes from mobile ads: 78%

  • Percentage of brands that promote their Facebook posts: 75%

  • Percentage of Facebook advertising revenue that comes from mobile ads: 78%

  • Number of small or medium businesses advertising on Facebook: 1 million

Source: DMR

Creating a Successful Facebook Ad:

  • Use a visual appealing and engaging image. Visual content is treated favorably in the Facebook algorithm, but most importantly, you’ll need an image that speaks to your audience.

  • Make sure your ad is relevant to your audience. Considering you can pinpoint the audience you wish to reach, the text must be precise and concise, and like the imagery, must be relatable.

  • Include a valuer proposition. It’s not about telling your audience how great you offer, but rather something specific for them, like a free evaluation or coupon, etc.

  • Include a call to action. An offer or a message of some urgency will better encourage your audience to click over to your website.

While we provide complete services for Facebook ad strategy, design and execution, it’s also important for our clients to have at least a good general understanding of the power of Facebook advertising. To learn more, click on the link below.

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