Helping Our Clients Connect with their Audience Faster than Ever

Utilizing Google’s open source, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), we can now help accelerate the loading time of our clients’ Squarespace blog content when posts are opened on mobile devices.

The AMP format allows publishers and eCommerce businesses to create mobile-optimized blog content. Since the majority of websites are now viewed on mobile devices, the seed at which your website loads plays a big part in reaching readers. Even a delay of a few seconds can cost page views and engagements. With AMP activated, your blog posts are stripped of heavier desktop-only content, allowing posts to load instantly on any mobile device and letting you connect with your readers in a fraction of the time. Google notes that on their properties, AMP pages load an average of four times faster and use 10 times less than a non-AMP page. By continuing to optimize content for mobile, we’re creating a better web for you and your audience.

Designsite is an original Squarespace Specialist and our partnership has resulted in our designing and building exceptional websites for clients of all sizes. Our websites are cost-effective and responsive, ensuring our websites look perfect on all computers and mobile devices. Our coding expertise enables us to go beyond Squarespace’s tools, guaranteeing a unique user experience for our clients, and reaching a wider audience.

Designsite is an award-winning branding, design, website and digital marketing agency based in Fairfield, CT. Our expertise includes branding and corporate identity, responsive web design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and print communications.

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