A User-Friendly Website for an Eco-Friendly Company

It was eye-opening when our new client Yumi Eco Systems of Norwalk told us that they're "saving the world for you and me and future generations." But after they show you their gorgeous eco-friendly bamboo products in hopes of replacing petroleum-based plastics, you take notice.

We were fortunate to be selected to design a new website to more accurately reflect Yumi and its explosive growth in this burgeoning market.


And so, we designed a modern, beautiful, parallax-style responsive website telling the Yumi story and showcasing their wonderful products, accented by original photography showing their products in everyday situations. We built the website in Squarespace, ensuring it would look and work perfect on all computers and mobile devices. We also provided search engine optimization expertise, ensuring the website ranks high in this highly competitive market.

Squarespace's user-friendly plaform allows Yumi to easily maintain the website, with access to metrics so they can view detailed analytics, providing strategies to bring in more visitors. An e-commerce solution was also configured so visitors can buy the latest Yumi products.

It was a pleasure working with the Yumi team, and we feel great about working with a company with a real desire to provide "green" solutions for home, offices and restaurants. We look forward to helping them continue to spread on the importance of renewable products.

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