Get Your Website onto Google Page 1 with SEO

We’re big fans of the Google app “Primer,” available for iPhone and Android. “Primer” contains bite-size marketing lessons covering Advertising, Content, Measurement and Strategy categories. Within are lessons and a test finally to how you scored. Following is some expert advice based on their latest content lesson regarding SEO. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

SEO means making small changes to your website that might help it naturally show up in people’s search results. SEO is about priming your website to be the best search engine result it can be. And that's crucial in the search game. Remember this: 95% of searchers stick with the listings on the first page of results. So the closer your listing is to that page, the better. To do this, you need to know how search works.

Google starts by crawling the web. It follows links from page to page, collecting as much of the web as possible. It puts ll these collected pages in an index, sorting them by content and other features.

Before you start performing any search engine optimization, it’s essential that you make sure your website is easily navigated and structured logically so it can be crawled and indexed  accurately. Your page title should be unique and accurate, and sum up your business in a short, info-rich phrase. Also remember to write different descriptions for each page, especially if you have a lot of pages. Make subpage URLs easy to read, like Keeping these in mind will help your website be more appealing to search engines. 

Now, here are some tips on how to make it more appealing to people doing searches:

While optimizing for search engine crawling is about tweaking words and URLs, optimizing for searchers is about crafting content. Strong, engaging and useful content will probably affect your search engine status more than anything else. Here are some tips:

  • Make your text easy to read and follow.

  • Organize your content and keep it focused on the topic at hand. Dividing it into logical, short chunks helps people what they’re looking for faster.

  • Pay attention to images. Write a short caption below each image and put vital info in the text rather than in the image.

  • Make sure to regularly add new content. It keeps people coming back and brings in new visitors.

How to get your website on page 1 of Google:

Search engine optimization requires time and expertise and, frankly, most of our clients are more concerned running their business and simply don't have the time to optimize their websites properly. While our goal is to always design beautiful responsive websites that reflect our clients' brands and services, a website isn't worth much if it can't be found in Google and other search engines. We make it a priority to provide expert search engine optimization for all the websites we design – helping our clients reach the widest possible audience.

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