How to Cost-Effectively Target Your Audience Using Facebook Ads

We wrote about this a couple of months ago, but we think it’s important that businesses know how great a tool Facebook can be connecting to the exact audience they’re looking for. As an example, last week we designed and created a Facebook ad for a wedding-related business to reach couples looking for a venue for their upcoming wedding. Of course, this model can work for any business looking to cost-efficiently reach the exact audience they're seeking.

The power of Facebook is astonishing: because it seems as though everyone is on it, you can pinpoint exactly the audience you want to reach. Facebook’s tools allow you to drill down into great detail, and we were able to target the following demo:

  • Location: United States: Connecticut (50 mile Radius from facility)

  • Age: 24 - 45

  • Language: English (US)

  • People Who Match: Interests: Wedding reception, Relationship Status: Engaged, Life Event: Newly engaged (6 months), Newly engaged (1 year) or Newly engaged (3 months)

Rather than using an expensive broad scattershot approach, the laser-focused approach reached only the people we targeted, which was more than cost-efficient. Following are some results achieved by the ad:  

  • Reached 9,706 people

  • 101 people clicked over to website

  • 99 people clicked over from their mobile devices

  • 29 people “Liked” the post

  • 79% of people who clicked over were 25-34, 29% were 35-44

  • 92% who clicked over were women, 27% were men

Once people clicked over to the website, they were able to see all the features of the venue, complete a form and to have a representative talk to them about their upcoming wedding. Their information was also added to the contact database for subsequent e-mailers relevant to their status. 

Following are some really interesting statistics regarding Facebook – and all businesses should take note:

  • 1.442 billion mobile monthly active users

  • 934 million mobile daily active users

  • Percentage of Facebook video views that occur on mobile devices: 65%

  • Facebook’s percentage of all mobile social sharing: 60.3%

  • Average amount to time users in the U.S. spend on the Facebook mobile app monthly: 14 hours per month.

  • Percentage of Facebook advertising revenue that comes from mobile ads: 78%

  • Percentage of brands that promote their Facebook posts: 75%

  • Percentage of Facebook advertising revenue that comes from mobile ads: 78%

  • Number of small or medium businesses advertising on Facebook: 1 million

Source: DMR

Creating a Successful Facebook Ad:

Use a visual appealing and engaging image. Visual content is treated favorably in the Facebook algorithm, but most importantly, you’ll need an image that speaks to your audience.

Make sure your ad is relevant to your audience. Considering you can pinpoint the audience you wish to reach, the text must be precise and concise, and like the imagery, must be relatable.

Include a valuer proposition. It’s not about telling your audience how great you offer, but rather something specific for them, like a free evaluation or coupon, etc.

Include a call to action. An offer or a message of some urgency will better encourage your audience to click over to your website.

While we provide complete services for Facebook ad strategy, design and execution, it’s also important for our clients to have at least a good general understanding of the power of Facebook advertising. To learn more, click on the link below.

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