The Importance of Typography in Website Design

One of the breakthrough advances in website design the last few years is with typography. Unlike just a few years ago, when there were only a handful of web fonts, designers can now choose from thousands of fonts thanks to Google fonts and other paid services like TypeKit. This has had a huge impact on designers, allowing us to design unique user experiences for clients, more accurately reflecting their brands.

While Google offers up thousands of fonts, frankly most of them knock-offs that aren’t very good. On the other hand, Typekit – owned by Adobe Systems – offers thousands of world’s finest fonts, enabling us to design websites as unique as our clients. Also, Squarespace has licensed a variety of fonts that go beyond the standard ones.

Typography helps to create a mood or feeling, and while headlines should be distinctive, body text must be utilitarian, allowing the reader to focus on the content and not the formatting. Elements of good typography include consistent use of fonts – as a rule, a website shouldn’t have more than three fonts, preferably two. It’s always best to keep things simple – avoid multiple colors, underlines and other effects. Hierarchy is all important: three different headlines sizes are standard and body text should be a single size.

We were recently asked by Design Milk, the influential website dedicated to modern design including art, architecture, fashion and technology, to write about an example for incorporating Adobe Typekit fonts into a Squarespace website. We chose a recently-completed website for Manfredi Jewels, based in Greenwich and New Canaan CT. You can read the piece by clicking on the link below.

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