Show Your Story with Visual Marketing

We’re big fans of the Google App Primer, available at the Apple and Google apps stores. Primer is a fast, easy way to learn new marketing skills. You can take bite-sized lessons wherever and whenever you have 5 minutes free. We highly recommend it to our clients – from startup founders to small business owners to brand managers at Fortune 500 companies.

Periodically, the App is updated with insightful information about a variety of subjects, including advertising, content, measurement and strategy. One lesson that we completely identified with was a lesson of theirs in the power of visual marketing.

The power of visual marketing is all about using engaging images to pitch your brand, products, and benefits to your target audience. We encounter photos daily, so it’s easy to take their influence for granted. But here are some eye-opening facts: 83% of the way we learn is visual, and articles with images get 94% more views than without. 

Image are an incredibly effective way to give people a lot of information in just a few seconds. That’s why it’s so important for brands to develop strong visual marketing strategies. Following are keys to strong visual identity:

  • Authenticity: Do your images look and feel real?

  • Sensory Impact: Do your images tap into people’s emotions and senses?

  • Relevancy: Are your images relevant to your customers’ culture, location, tastes, interests, etc.?

Brands’s images should stay true to what their company stands for. To be authentic, your images must alight with your target audience, brand mission and voice, and the features that make your brand stand out. You could also feature images created by your customers and fans. This user-generated content helps you create a human connection with your audience, and can be done on your own or we also offer these services. Finally, your visual marketing should always be relevant to your target audience’s locations, cultures, interests, and beliefs.

These are very effective strategies to promote your brand, products and services, and will help you effectively extend your brand to a wider audience. Click below for more information on Google Prime and to download the app:

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