Small Businesses: Accept Credit Cards and Help Your Cash Flow

Square, the mobile credit-card processing application, has been growing exponentially, with millions of customers using their excellent services and products. Jack Dorsey – CEO of Square and co-founder of Twitter – created an application that is mobile, easy to use and does away with the middle man.

Designsite - Square

Square offers great advantages especially for small businesses. Businesses can sign up for an account in minutes and accept credit cards using their reader device, website or mobile app. We’ve been using Square ourselves for awhile now and it’s been great for both clients and ourselves. Instead of e-mailing an invoice and waiting for payment to come by mail, we now can send out invoices from directly from our Square account where clients can easily make safe and secure payments that go directly to our account. Additionally, we can use our Square iPhone app to accept credit cards if our client wishes to pay over the phone. Square charges a reasonable 2.75 percent rate per swipe, and for small businesses that deal with cash-flow problems, it’s a great benefit. Instead of having clients send a check every month, you can now run their debit card with Square.

The Square dashboard keeps you data with you at all times. Just sign in to your Square Dashboard and you can check all your figures and run your business from anywhere. You can see your complete sales history, view your scheduled deposits, and issue refunds. Simple charts and reports tell you which services are most popular with your clients. 

The services we offer to our clients are ones we use ourselves and we highly recommend using Square, most especially to small businesses who wish to accept credit cards, easily and cost-efficiently. Click the button below to learn how Square benefits professional services companies.

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