Rebranding a Leading Scientific Organization Helps to Accelerate their Business

BioBlocks, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a chemistry research organization with laboratories in Budapest, Hungary. Designsite was selected to rebrand the company and design a new website to more accurately reflect its status as a top player in its industry.


The first order of business was to design a logo. A carefully designed logo can reach the company’s audience and communicate who they are and what they do to their target audience. We designed a hexagon symbol – representing carbon atoms – with a geometric-shaped “b” within, giving it a dimensional quality. The symbol can also be used as a dynamic super-graphic in marketing communications that tie in various components (see the business card above). Standards were also designed for a rollout of marketing communications, to ensure correct and consistent usage, and to further establish the new brand to current and prospective clients.

We also designed a beautiful, modern, streamlined website effectively telling the BioBlocks story through dynamic visuals and graphics, and concise messaging that promotes a call to action. Using Squarespace as the content management platform, BioBlocks is able to easily maintain the website and have access to metrics and view analytics. Traffic to the website has nearly doubled in the past two months since it went live to the public.

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