Breather: Where to Find Your Best Next Meeting Place

Sometimes we see an exciting business model and want to spread the word. Breather is one of those new discoveries we came on recently and it’s worth writing about. Breather is a network of beautiful and inspiring workspaces you can book in 10 locations (so far). Breather spaces include workspace, private lounge and WI-FI.

An example of many different workspaces to choose from for your next meeting.

An example of many different workspaces to choose from for your next meeting.

What’s great is that there’s no commitment, subscription or monthly fees. You can book anytime and only pay for the hours you book. The spaces they offer are gorgeous and are perfect for teams or clients. People are using Breather for private, peaceful space away from the office; for creative consultations and making that perfect pitch to clients; for hosting teaching events, and even as an ad-hoc office with flexible hours.

The first thing you need to do is go to their homepage: and selectyour city (if it’s available). We elected “New York City” and then “For” which is the purpose of the space (i.e. “team meetings,” “presentations,” “client meetings,” “classes or workshops” and more. Then, you’l select your preferred date from a dropdown list. 

Finally you’ll be shown beautiful offices to choose from. The prices are remarkable affordable - each office different but we saw some starting as low as $32.00 per hour. Locations were available throughout New York City, so it’s easy to choose one that’s most convenient for you. Offices are represented by slideshows with Architectural Digest-quality photos, as well as floor plans so you can plan your event.  

We’re looking forward to trying it out for an upcoming meeting in New York City, and if you haven’t heard about Breather yet, we highly recommend that you check it out. 

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