Designsite Now Offers PayPal Integration for Our Clients' Squarespace Websites

We’re happy to announce that Squarespace now offers PayPal as another payment method for their websites. This is great news for the Squarespace website we design and build for our clients. Previously Stripe was the only integrated method to use with Squarespace, and while Stripe is a great resource, we’ve had a number of clients who would prefer to use PayPal since they already have accounts with them.

As a trusted, secure, and seamless payment method, PayPal can help you sell more by giving your shoppers an additional way to pay and by allowing you to reach more shoppers around the world.

This exciting partnership takes the complexity out of international payments, providing seamless integration that lets you focus on building a beautiful brand and growing your business. Plus, you’ll gain access to PayPal solutions to further help your business succeed, including PayPal One Touch, PayPal Credit and Purchase and Seller protection.

For our current and future clients, we can easily add PayPal to your current websites. Designsite is an Official Squarespace Specialist, and we design beautiful and cost-effective Squarespace websites for startups and businesses of all sizes. Squarespace enables our clients to easily update their own websites and view analytics, all from within the easy-to-navigate backend. Squarespace offers excellent tools out-of-the-box, but our coding expertise enables us to design websites that are truly reflective of our clients brands.

Squarespace is a superior platform to WordPress, which can be difficult for clients updating their own websites. Because Squarespace is a closed platform, it’s secure and safer than WordPress, whose websites are less secure and more prone to hacking. We highly recommend Squarespace to our clients who seek beautiful and cost-effective and SEO-friendly websites with no security issues. For more information about Squarspace and the latest PayPal integration news, please contact us.

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