Target Your Customers and Increase Conversions With a Great Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website, designed with a focused objective for a single offer. A successful landing page can generate a dramatically higher conversion rate than simply leading visitors to your homepage – which doesn’t speak specifically to their needs.

A recent Designsite landing page was designed targeting small business owners via a Facebook promotion, resulting in increased conversions and two new projects (click image to view larger).

A good landing page is targeted to your defined audience, whether it's an email campaign, a Facebook ad or Google Adwords. It will enable you to capture visitor information through a lead form, which gives you permission to follow up on a highly-qualified sales lead.

Successful landing pages should be minimal and include only the following elements:

  • Hero image that reflects your offer

  • Primary headline that states your offer

  • Value proposition text that gives a reason to use your service

  • Asking a question

  • Giving a reason to use your service

  • Making it simple form to contact you

It’s highly recommended that businesses use landing pages because they can help you target your audience and allow you to gather important information, such as an email and phone number. This information can then be used to follow up with them, give you a greater opportunity to gain new clients.

If you have questions about landing pages and how they can be effective for your business, let us know how we can help you.

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