Consistent Corporate Marketing Communications is Essential to Your Business's Success

The way a company is perceived by customers, the media, employees, the financial community and the public is largely determined by the manner in which they communicate. The sum of verbal and visual impressions the company makes around the world forms its identity.

Despite the growth and complexities of an organization, they must continue to be seen by all of their audiences as a unified global entity. This can only be achieved through consistent application and linage of the company brand, it’s varied products and services and areas of competence.

Only then, can the company effectively inform the world about who they are, what they do, and how they serve the needs of their customers. Think about all of your marketing communications, including website, public relations, advertising, print collateral, social media, signage, even your email signature. To your audience, would they know it was all from one company?

Above: Corporate identity and branding for BBE (click images to view larger versions)

Consistency is the key to corporate communications. It connotes professionalism, purpose and stability. Without it, the brand can be degraded by inconsistent and poor application.

We’ve helped a number of startups in creating their brand identities, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll strategize with these companies to determine precisely the marketing communications they’ll need to help achieve success in the marketplace. In addition, we’ll provide a style guide, critical to maintaining brand consistency and messaging. Typically included are sections for logo guidance (size, colors, proper placement), color schemes, font usage, stationery templates and web guidelines. Proper implementation will help achieve the company’s goals in reaching their audience in a correct and consistent manner.

This proved especially true for BBE, a startup client of ours. BBE, an emerging digital video delivery channel, based in New York City, enlisted us to design their brand identity, marketing communications and standards guidelines. They wanted a "big league" presence in this crowded field to separate them from their competition. It worked dramatically – said their Vice President of Marketing: 

The corporate identity program developed by Designsite transformed the look of BBE from that of a start-up to that of a professional media company, which recently sold for $75 million.

We also have over twenty years of experience supporting world-class brands and Fortune 500 companies with their marketing communications, including websites, print collateral and internal communications. Our knowledge and expertise in this corporate arena helps to deliver compelling experiences across all their communications channels to their targeted audience.  

Above: Philips is one of the Fortune 500 companies who entrust Designsite to design and produce marketing communications consistent with company guidelines

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