Why Squarespace is Our Platform of Choice – and Why it Should be Yours.

We’ve been designing websites using Squarespace as the content management platform for the past several years, and it’s enabled us to design and build beautiful websites for a wide variety of companies, including corporate, entertainment, financial, technology, retail, and others.

We’re proudly an official Squarespace Specialist, and our expertise enables us to go beyond the templates Squarespace offers, writing custom CSS code and handcrafting websites unique to our clients’ brands – helping them to break through the clutter of so many companies using out-of-the-box WordPress templates and even Squarespace themes. Squarespace enables us to design and build cost-effective websites because of the underlying tools they offer, so rather than spending many hours of coding, we can concentrate on what we do best: designing and marketing.

Squarespace websites are responsive, meaning they will look perfect on all computers and mobile devices. This is critical for any business today, since Google is now demoting websites that aren’t mobile friendly, translating to poor search engine results for your company. Squarespace also offers superior search engine optimization, ensuring our websites rank high in search engine results. 

Squarespace enables our clients to maintain and easily edit their websites in-house, saving them time and money. Social media integration is built in so blogs can be automatically published to all your social media pages, further helping you to stay on top of search engines. Sophisticated analytics and metrics provide the necessary information companies need to grow their business and brands.

Squarespace also offers powerful e-commerce tools, enabling us to build out stores with hundreds of products with relative ease. We've worked on a number of e-commerce projects, and we can say that Squarespace by far is the most intuitive to set up and provides the very best user experience.

We're passionate about building exceptional websites for our clients, and Squarespace is simply the best content management platform out there, and it's made it easy for our clients to manage their websites far easier than other. If you'd like more information about Squarespace and how it can help grow your business and brand, please contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss how it can help you.

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