A Bold New Website Reflects Jazz Great Brad Mehldau's Bold New Music

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We've been working with Jazz great Brad Mehldau for over a decade now, and during this time Brad has risen from a musical phenom to one of the most respected musicians of his generation. With each new release, it's our job to design a website that reflects the music itself.

Brad's latest album is perhaps his most adventurous to date: a largely electronica album performed with the great drummer Mark Guiliana, under the name "Mehliana." Since the album's release a few weeks ago, it's garnered great reviews from around the globe and has been the subject of debate among Jazz purists and younger fans.

We knew the latest website incarnation would have to appeal to both audiences, and reach fans anywhere, on any device. We designed a brand-new Squarespace website that's modern, beautiful and responsive, so it looks perfect on all computers and mobile devices. The website is uniquely designed and bold, like the music itself. Bright colors, great content (including stunning video, audio and photography) make the record come to life.

Reviews for the new record are continuously added and tour dates are automated via BandPage. Social networking is prominent as traffic is generated to Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo, and in turn, the website receives more hits from these social pages. 

The website also features a beautiful discography section, with each album represented by exclusive audio tracks, video, slideshows, tracks and additional recording information. In addition, a Writings section contains essays written by Brad himself, further engaging him with his growing legion of fans.

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