Why We Love Squarespace (and why you should too)

Our new website is powered by Squarepace. The parallax design helps tell our story in a dynamic, engaging, and fun way – all in one page.

We always strive to design the very best websites for our clients, irregardless of budget. We take a lot of time thinking about the creative process, making sure visual and verbal messaging is engaging, brand consistency is maintained, and an acute attention to detail, which can make a good website great.

The problem we've had from a business standpoint is keeping a high standard while others offer cut-rate websites at low prices, which can be attractive for clients where a decent website is good enough. Good enough, maybe, but not good enough if you need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Fortunately, our branding, consultation and marketing services keep us busy, but it became our priority to figure out a way to build great websites, cost-effectively. We were ahead of the curve on WordPress: we became experts and designed native themes specifically for clients (not out-of-the-box ones most "designers" use) and this has been a good solution. Wordpress offers a variety of widgets that we can tailor to our clients' needs, keeping development costs down, and it offers the benefit of clients to maintain their own website, without having to pay a designer for updates.

We have a passion for design and technology, so we're always looking for new ways we can better serve our clients. A couple of years ago, we discovered Squarespace and quickly came to the conclusion that they were the future of web development. Squarespace is a platform that enables designers to build beautiful websites with modern browsers and mobile devices mind, employing the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques.

After we built our own website in Squarespace, we understood its full potential and started offering it to clients. Like Wordpress, Squarespace is a content management platform that enables clients to easily make updates to their own websites. Unlike Wordpress, Squarespace is a paid service that starts at $8 per month for a 20-page website with a host of great features. It's well worth the costs because we can design a beautiful website in Squarespace even more cost-effectively than in WordPress.

In the past year, we've brought probably 15 clients over to Squarespace and there isn't one who doesn't love their website. And, what's not to love? Not only do the websites look gorgeous, but they score high with search engines, because of proper tagging, XML site maps and valid XHTML code. Squarespace also let you view traffic and behavior of visitors in real-time – you can learn where they're coming from and what search keywords they're using to find you. Most recently, Squarespace now offers complete e-commerce solutions that enable you to sell your products online, completely integrated within your website and ensuring consistent branding (no going to an external PayPal page). There are many other benefits too many too mention here, but you can check them out more on Squarespace.com

While Squarespace provides an easy way to design and build a website, it still takes a designer with a skill-skill set to get the most out of it – hence some pretty awful amateur Squarespace websites we've seen out there. But, the fact is, any business – from an emerging start-up to a Fortune 500 company – can now have a truly great, cost-effective website that generates sales. It's good for designers and it's good for clients.

Designsite is an official Squarespace designer, developer and specialist, based in Fairfield CT. We provide full web design services, handling all aspects of any given project – including web design, development and branding, as well as setup and customization.