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Designsite designs responsive websites that reach your audience, anytime, anywhere, on any device. 
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There's a paradigm shift in how people are accessing websites and if yours isn't mobile-friendly, you could already be losing business. Most websites are designed for computers, but when viewed on a phone, they scale down to the size of the screen, making them difficult to read or navigate. Considering most local searches are performed on mobile devices, it’s essential that businesses reach their audience wherever they are – which is everywhere.

A "responsive" website is designed to look perfect anywhere: on a computer or laptop, an iPhone or Android, iPad or any mobile device. Following are some benefits for having a responsive website:

  • You'll save money on a single website that works everywhere

  • Your sales will increase since visitors are more likely to take action with a good user experience

  • You'll achieve higher search rankings and obtain better analytics

  • You'll stay ahead of your competition with a website that works everywhere

Considering 91% of us have our phone within reach at all times and 94% of us use our phones to look for local information, this presents a fantastic opportunity for small businesses looking to expand their audience and achieve higher sales.

Designsite offers cost-effective branding, web, mobile and social media expertise. We continue to help businesses reach their audience with consistent and memorable results. We can help do the same for you.

Designsite is a design and marketing communications firm, based in Fairfield, CT.  Our services include branding and identity, website design and development for desktop and mobile devices, and social media marketing. Designsite is an official Apple Developer, and offers a complete range of Apple iOS services, including design, programming and marketing for iPhone and iPad apps.