Consistent Corporate Communications Help Define Success

Designsite Branding and Corporate Identity

In a competitive marketplace, it’s especially important to project a highly visible corporate image. We work with companies to establish and maintain brands that reflect the leadership, professionalism, resourcefulness and commitment of their people. It is to a company’s considerable advantage to be perceived as a single, unified entity.

The primary objectives of a strong corporate identity is to create a positive, consistent awareness for the company; and to assist in clearly and accurately describing the company’s competencies.

Designsite offers top-drawer corporate communications services, including branding and identity; logo development; conceptual development; verbal and visual messaging; nomenclature; identity standards guidelines and stationery systems. 

Designsite clients include Ingersoll Rand, Disney, News America Marketing, Capitol EMI and other industry leaders. Please contact us at or 203.372.2912 if you'd like more information about our corporate communications services.