A New Website for One of Today's Leading Musical Talents

Designsite Responsive Websites

Vince Mendoza is one of today's most respected composers and arrangers in the Jazz and Classical worlds. He's been nominated for a GRAMMY 27 times, has won 6 and is nominated for 2 this year.

Vince asked us to design a new website for him that would reflect his place in today's music as well as promote his latest album "Nights on Earth." We designed a beautiful and responsive website to ensure that Vince's music would reach his fans on computers and mobile devices. 

The websites features streaming video and audio, slideshows, and links to purchase Vince's albums. We also designed and produced an online store so Vince can sell his award-winning arrangements to musicians and educators alike.

In addition to the website work, we've been helping Vince to build a his contact database by linking sign-up forms directly to MailChimp for subsequent email updates.

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