Responsive Web Design: Some Facts


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There is new standard for designing websites and it's called "Responsive Web Design." This means a single website responds or adapts to any screen. So, whether it's viewed on a desktop or laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad – or any other web-ready mobile device on the market – it will look perfect on that device.

  • According to Gartner, by 2013, most people will be accessing the web from their mobile devices than their computers.

  • More than half of all local searches right now are conducted on mobile devices.

  • 25% of people are ONLY accessing the web from their mobile devices.

While Responsive Web Design is a relatively new way of designing websites, it's quickly becoming industry standard. We are highly recommending responsive websites to our clients. They are cost-effiicient and they ensure that their websites will be forward compatible. Some companies’ audiences do a majority of their web browsing on desktop computers. If this is true of your company, we think the question to ask is “When does responsive design makes sense for us?”

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